Virgin Island Experience in the Maldives

Discover the sheer beauty of the virgin islands at a rarely known spot near Medhufushi Island Resort. It all starts with a boat trip that takes you to this secret hideaway. A place of raw nature. The boat stops at the reef and off you go, in your snorkeling gears. Coral gardens are up close in the shallows but the reef drop-off is the best of it. A variety of thick grown corals are the homes to big and small fish of various species. You are a friendly visitor at the sunny side of nature!

raw nature

Once exhausted, take a look at the island. You might want to take a rest on the beach and it looks bright white in the mid day sun. Follow your snorkeling guide and swim in over the reef. In the lagoon it’s shallow and you could walk. Some minutes later you reach the virgin island. Gentle waves overlap the soft powdery sand where your foot sets in as you walk.

You need a rest, but your sense won’t let you. Beauty of this island is beyond imagination. You don’t know which direction to walk but everyone quickly descends to somewhere. The island is narrow and long, surrounded by soft white sand. At the tip of the island is a chain of sandbanks. Explore the island your way and enjoy!

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