Countless baby turtles surprise guests at Medhufushi

It was a peaceful Friday evening. The narrow pathways of the island were occupied by guests going to Malaafaiy Restaurant for dinner.  It was at that time some guests met this unusual encounter.  Guests saw new born turtles crawling around a walkway light near Water Villa jetty. There were so many of them, all over the place. Sometimes you could not take a step forward as you might step on them.

Turtle breeding is actually not unusual at Medhufushi. The previous one was about 3 months back.

It is said that this awesome creature could sense direction of sea. Perhaps, the pathway lights made them confused this time. Thanks to all the staff and guests who helped us collect these little ones and release in the lagoon. We hope many of them will survive from predators and come back to Medhufushi to breed the next generation.

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